Marketing Coordinator

Location: 📍Granville, NSW

Position Overview:


A Marketing Coordinator plays a pivotal role in supporting the marketing team’s efforts to promote products or services and enhance brand awareness. This position involves a combination of administrative tasks, creative work, and project management. Marketing Coordinators are essential in ensuring that marketing campaigns run smoothly and efficiently.




  • Campaign Coordination: Assist in the planning, execution, and tracking of marketing campaigns across various channels, including digital, print, email and social media.

  • Content Creation: Collaborate with the content team to develop and update marketing materials, such as brochures, social media posts, and email newsletters.

  • Data Analysis: Collect and analyse marketing data and metrics to identify trends, evaluate campaign effectiveness, and provide recommendations for improvement.

  • Event Coordination: Assist in organising and coordinating marketing events, trade shows, and promotional activities.

  • Budget Management: Help manage the marketing budget by tracking expenses, processing invoices, and ensuring cost-effectiveness.

  • Market Research: Conduct market research to identify consumer trends, competitors, and potential opportunities for growth.

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborate with internal teams such as sales, design, and product development to ensure marketing strategies align with company goals.

  • Email Marketing: Create and manage email marketing campaigns, including list segmentation, content creation, and performance analysis.

  • Reporting: Prepare regular reports on marketing activities, campaign results, and ROI to present to management.
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