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Jen has been the Executive Assistant at CJ Artistry for almost 5 years.


She started as a makeup artist in 2016 but her role grew into something different.


Her superpower is her wisdom but her weakness is her obsession with hot chips. Jennifer is unique in many ways and has 5 fun facts about her.


She aims to entertain and educate people on social media and wants to achieve a personal brand.


Her biggest barrier is not wanting to share too much about herself. She can edit very well and knows a lot about social media platforms but always has more to learn.


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Q + A

3 Words that describe you as a nail artist:
I am not a Nail Artist, I joined CJ Artistry to do makeup back in 2016. My role grew into something different! I’d say:
Wise, Fun & Adventurous.

What’s your purpose in social media?

Entertain and educate people on life, build my personal brand. I want to achieve a personal brand through social media, I want people to understand me and what I stand for… I want to eventually have an audience that I can turn into a client base in future.

What is your biggest barrier on social media?

Not wanting to share too much about myself because of judgement or jealousy lol…

What are your strengths?

I can edit very well, I can turn sh*t content into good content and I know a lot about lots of social media platforms & how they work

What are your weaknesses?

My obsession with hot chips! and always having more to learn.

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